Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A New Song

All have sinned, and fall short,
the Word says it's true.
Cling to bitterness and resentment,
it returns in abundance to you.
Vicious cycle, wicked and toxic.
Consequences…conceivably lethal,
Familiar snare of the Evil One
Whose deception has no equal

Let it not be so, we've suffered too long!
Just let it go, and sing a new song.

We "love to live",
When we should, "live to love".
Have concern for all mankind,
His grace is for all, not some.
Power belongs to God,
(and us, as heirs to His holy throne)
with Jesus as our Savior
we will never be alone.

He is there, even when we're wrong.
So, turn it around, and sing a new song

Today is a brand new day.
Nothing left of the former time.
Slate has been cleaned,
for a fresh, God-inspired design.

No negativity to hold on to,
Our faith is positive, and strong
The Lord has provided the renewal,
and given to all that would receive -

A new song!

Written by Nalita Ross


Ujamaa Christian Poetry