Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Poem

(Of divine love)

I have a poem inside of me
That is itchin' to be free

Because I have all these feelings
that should, or should not be

Situations have occurred in my
life that need to be told

In hopes that it can benefit all,
whether young or old

I may not be so special,
not famous, nor a star

But in the eyes of Jesus,
I'm more than that by far

I have so much to offer,
to share with everyone

So the first thing I need to know
is do you know the Son?

He's full of life and glory,
ready to help us through

He wants to be our focus
(I hope you know, this is true)

he wants to give us blessings
that are beyond belief

But sometimes the things we do
can cause him so much grief.

Yet because He's so forgiving,
He's just, and full of grace,

He can wipe our sins away
without a single trace

Thank God, for he is so wonderful,
so loving, and so great,

we can choose to live in love
and not be filled with hate

So do what Jesus says, "Love
your enemies" as well as friends,

do this, and then trust Him,
for it is you who will be blessed in the end!

Written by Nalita Ross


Ujamaa Christian Poetry