Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I'm sorry I littered your world today
That I did not recycle as I should
In the container clearly marked "God's Way."
I know I said that I would.

Lies do not decompose on their own
Oh how they need God's grace!
Unkindness forms hideous thrones
Obscuring our view of His holy face.

In a world littered and grimed
God's great love has been exiled
What will happen over time
When sin on sin is over-piled?

Perhaps good men should not be silent
But this is a spiritual war
When I feel driven to violence
Help me to remember Your call.

For never by my own power
Could I clean up this mess
I think you wait for the hour
When to that I do confess.

And while I wait for Your Spirit
I'll clean my own mess away
For Yours is the cure and the judgement
Lord help me remember today.

Written by Barbara Rose


Ujamaa Christian Poetry