Ujamaa Christian Poetry

What you gave…

You gave me eyes but I never set them on you,

You gave me ears but I never listened to you,

You gave me a nose but I used it for perfumes and not you,

You gave me a mouth I never used it to acknowledge you,

You gave me hands I did not use them to bless you,

You gave me feet and I used them to walk away from you,

You gave me a mind but I never used it for you,

You gave me a heart but I did not fill it with you,

You gave me organs but I abused them too,

You gave me a gift but did not use it to bless you,

You gave me flesh but I adorned it and not you,

You gave me hair and I complained about that too,

You gave me your spirit but I placed a limit on you,

You gave me your breath of life but I tried to deny you,

You gave me your love but I traded it to sin,

You gave me your voice I did not used it to win,

You gave me your knowledge but I used it to swindle,

You gave me your time but I became idle,

You gave us your only begotten Son because of your love,

You gave us His blood and blotted out our transgressions,

You gave us your Son to teach us many lessons,

You gave us freedom and we are no longer bound,

You gave us direct access for You are always around,

You gave us a door; salvation for Your heart is to save,

You gave us Your Son the victorious one,

For He is the way the truth and the light,

You gave us many gifts and one being repentance,

Please forgive me for walking away from you,

For you have given me so much,

My only offering is my body for what you gave,

I return to You.

Written by Juliet Ray


Ujamaa Christian Poetry