Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The power of prayer

It is potent, it is supreme
A weapon truly unseen
To those with sight will praise
For what is revealed.
It is a weapon used well
Never misses its target - enemy

Silently moving towards its objective
In crowds, wet, dry and weary places
Height, density and distance has no meaning
It is faster than the speed of light
It is more powerful than the Light Fifty
And the plans of man

In the realm of the spirit
It affects all dimensions
And those with plans to circumvent God's direction
It's our tool; let's learn to use it well
Faith, prayer and the seal of Jesus Christ equals breakthrough
They need each other to take full effect

When the enemy sees them coming,
He will release all that he seized,
Zeal, time, praise, worship,
Desires, vision, focus, direction,
Understanding, health, relationships, education
Ministries, Careers, businesses and more
Now, this is the power of prayer
What are you waiting for?

(God inspired this poem on March 4th 2011)

Written by Juliet Ray


Ujamaa Christian Poetry