Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Show me the way

Dazed and lost in the maze of a frightening life
I grope in its dark paths like a blind man thrown
into a crowded marketplace of searing strife
ablaze with discordant voices of sorrowing men.

I want to be a man whose lofty dreams
all came true, then die, my name unstained
my good words running like living streams
in failing hearts, giving them hopes unchained.

Show me the way out of this maze, good Lord
to my own tiny promised land where I am king
humility my queen, love my princes on palace sward
singing, and courage my knight a fitting signet ring.

I want to be the evidence of your boundless goodness
beyond fields of darkness a light of endless brightness.

Written by Nnorom Azuonye


Ujamaa Christian Poetry