Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I see a New Age dawning, every Christian to beware,
Across the land a flag is waving Unity everywhere,
An umbrella of blurred truth and a murky distinction,
Wrapped into the old, old lie of a one-world religion.

I feel a one-world movement to a world community,
It's filled with promised oneness in political Unity,
And my ears do hear the cry of the western world clamour,
Final revelation of this brotherhood yammer.

My morals are all fallen in a pit of deep despair,
I turn from God, His teachings--I so despert'ly need repair,
I run from Truth, hide myself outside His meas'ring rod,
Trendy pleasure lovers more than lovers of our God.

I see a New World order in our future history,
It's marching to command before His coming true Majesty,
"But how near the end?" this Christian asks-floating in his sin,
Soon to be this Pax Romana--Satan and his kin.

I'll soon be there to stand with You at heaven's pearly gate,
To touch Your face, Your hands, Your side, oh, Beloved, oh, set the date!
'Cause I've longed to hear Your trumpet sound out the call right now,
"Come on Home, Dear Children,"--yes--would make me shout out loud!

I know You're watching over us with every passing day,
You're counting down Your dateline till it's time to end our day play,
Oh, my Jesus in Your heaven, please answer me I pray,
Just how long until You end Laodician Day?

Written by Richard New


Ujamaa Christian Poetry