Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Not long ago but far away, in a distant land,
Noah built a boat of wood obeying God's command,
He built it out of gopher wood just so big aft to fore,
Divided it internally, God gave it just one door.

Now Abraham took Isaac his, only cherished son,
Took him to a mountaintop God had said to be done,
The son to be the sacrifice Dad's faith was absolute,
Retrieved the knife prepared to slice, God gave the substitute.

And Saul before he was named Paul, man of Roman sword,
Was shown basic faith when he was blinded by the Lord.
Dependent on the Lord he found his big need to be lead,
Was healed, restored, allowed to see, God's Word was Truth as said.

Now Gideon had only three--hundred fighting men,
Plan was to attack a force of many more than them,
With basic faith believed in God to carry out the deed,
He chased then to the uttermost, with heavenly God-speed.

Basic faith believes in God,
What He says and what He means,
Basic faith is trusting God,
Without proof of things unseen.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
The evidence of things not seen,
Faith is simply doing while believing,
The evidence of things not seen.
His Word is easy and true,
His Word is easy and true.

Written by Richard New


Ujamaa Christian Poetry