Ujamaa Christian Poetry


It's that time of year again, yuletide season's in the air,
So deck out the halls and sing the songs that mark a sparkling fair,
We're so busy celebrating, with works that burn like hay,
I'm just wonderin' what we're gonna do come Christmas Morning Day.

We people are a movin', out on Highway 303,
And I wonder where we're gonna go and who we're gonna see,
How fast we drive our life on by, I hope we find our way,
I'm just wonderin' where we're gonna be come Christmas Morning Day.

I watch them rush on past me, flying low on hidden wings,
Oh we drive so fast like grease on glass, propelled out of a sling,
Day in and out we run about, even on Sabbath Day,
I'm just wonderin' if we're gonna stop come Christmas Morning Day.

We're off to visit kinfolk, to give Christmas time a whirl,
We're real busy-oh so busy-we forget the Holy Pearl,
Man is today still jars of clay, windblown any-which-way,
I'm just wonderin' what we're gonna find this Christmas Morning Day.

While wonderin' what to buy for who, or what to buy for self,
We're so busy doing shopping we've placed Jesus on a shelf,
So busy with the season, we forget the reason why,
Because Jesus is the Reason and He came to Earth to die.

Yet Christmas does not end right there, this side of Calvary,
Though Jesus died He arose again, walked through sin's misery,
Spent time with us then went to God, after some forty days,
I'm just wonderin' when we'll realize some Christmas Morning Day.

Now Jesus reigns with God on high, till time of Grace is done,
When He'll still once more leave heaven's shore, for back to Earth He'll come,
To rescue His dear followers, who live for Him each day,
Who sing and shout without a doubt ev'ry Christmas Morning Day.

Written by Richard New


Ujamaa Christian Poetry