Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Flawed Vessel

Flawed vessel, feeling so unworthy and ugly,
loaded with shame and hiding in the corner,
I see you.
Crooked in your make-up
due to your upbringing,
untruths you've learned,
preconceived ideas,
desires of the flesh,
struggles in the mind,
things that have marred you,
you do not see what I see
when I look at you.

Have I not called you,
chosen you,
filled you with truth
and Myself?
Did I not come for you,
go to the cross for you,
die for you?
Did I not reach down to where you were,
clean you up and show you love?

Why then, do you see yourself as nothing?
In comparison to Me, yes, that is true.
No one comes close to Me and My character.
In comparison to others
with more brains,
a loving home life,
more wealth and looks,
more talents and friends,
you deem yourself less than what you are.

Do not compare yourself to them.
Do not listen to the father of lies
or what others say about you.
I knew that you'd sin,
that you'd have iniquities and flaws,
but I believed in you.
Do you not know that if My Word and Spirit
dwell richly within you, that whatever you hold
as a vessel is what you are worth?

Therefore, tho' a flawed vessel,
stand up straight and realize you have value.
Your worth is of Me and Me alone.
When you try to stand on your own, no one sees Me.
My workmanship need not be ashamed.
I will perfect you and keep you if you wnat to be.
Just repent when you sin or fall short,
then pour out what I have placed within you.
Flawed vessel, I love you and can use you.

Written by Nancy Sousley


Ujamaa Christian Poetry