Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Precious Gifts!

Precious gifts we've received from heaven above,
Sent down to us, because of God's love!

First, God sent to us a baby boy,
So many years ago, He gave us great joy,
To two loving people with a special place in their hearts,
God filled the void, the empty parts.

This son, given some 30 years ago,
How to honor his mother and father, he truly did know,
He gave us a daughter, by adding a wife,
Bringing more joy into our life.

That wasn't the end, just the beginning you see,
They added a baby girl, they became three.
A few years later God brought to the door,
A second girl, now complete, a family of four.

Weekly they worship, pray every day,
At school, at home, at work or at play!
You see; it doesn't end there, this story of love,
They all are aware of The Father's love!

They know they'll be with The Father in heaven,
They've accepted Jesus, so that is a given!

Written by Mark J. Brown


Ujamaa Christian Poetry