Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Void

In every piece of me, there is a void,
the beauty unknown and unseen.
Until it is recognized, treasured and,
treated with respect, nothing
in my life will ever be solid.

In every piece of me, there is a void,
the danger hidden, unpredictable.
Until it is examined, transformed and,
replaced with faith and love,
I shall never know true freedom.

In every void, there is a riddle;
in every riddle, there is a will.
The will to do good or evil;
the will to show mercy or,
to be judgmental.

Do we trap ourselves
as much as the devil?
Are we more comfortable
with the darkness, and so
shy away from the rainbow?

Maybe we were born with the riddle,
and some of our dreams may never
be fulfilled, but nothing, nothing
can stop us from being whole.
As long as we can distinguish
between the false and the real.

Written by Minyan


Ujamaa Christian Poetry