Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Pillar of the Soul

I saw a pillar today,
the pillar of the soul, ascending
from the storm like a rainbow.
It reminds me of those parables
about heaven. It has quieted my mind
and calmed my self-loathing sorrow.

I do not always know my way,
nor have I mastered the art of waiting.
Obscurity has shrouded most of my life,
innocence brought me nothing but shame.

The pillar says:
"Love is the only way.
Humble yourself. It is
the eternal peace that
should be pursued."

The pillar is my messiah,
left from the earthly role models
pathetic and second-rate.
Let the world continually
mark me as an outcast,
with you, I shall no longer
go astray.

Written by Minyan


Ujamaa Christian Poetry