Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I often wonder what I've done wrong.
I'm often all alone.

I often wonder what God thinks of me;
I often wonder what if anything, he has in store for me.

I wonder what's taking God so long.
I feel I've paid my dues, suffered,
went through hard times, repented, prayed,
so on and on.

I realize that I need Yahweh;
He is my savior. He is my rock.
I can't depend on men, they will let me down.

Although I believe, and I really do,
sometimes things just go wrong…
I loose my job, in great debt, no money to call my own.
This thing happens, that thing happens, so on and on.

I can't hardly take it, I can't seem to go on,
I pray very often, for God to just call me on home.

Written by Michelle Phillips


Ujamaa Christian Poetry