Ujamaa Christian Poetry


A landscape of sun, sea and sky with houses, and trees
It so widespread it's truly amazing
How the earth can be round
But we walk on the ground
It's so strange the way the earth is arranged.

So many trees, mountains and fountains,
Rivers and streams rippling down.
God spoke the word and the sea obeys and stays
It does not go beyond the set boundaries
The sun shines down on the town
Everything glistens and you begin to listen,
to the sound of nature. Thank God the creator
Everything looks beautiful set in its place
Made by grace.
There is a landmark for everything under the sun
We are not the only one.
I thank God that I can go on my knees
And pray for seeing another day
I'm in the land of the living
I need to start giving and forgiving
Not many people are alive
Not many people wake up
Not many people believe in God
But I believe that God created the heavens and the earth
There's no doubt about that, it's a fact
The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof
And they that dwell therein.

Some people have gone through redundance.
But it's a beautiful thing to have life in abundance
There are different shades of green,
Dark green, light green, it's all in between
Oh it's so serene.
The leaves looked scorched
Or, should I say torched when the sun
Dries it out…
Some leaves are yellow,
Some brown when they're ready to fall on the ground
But you don't hear a sound.

Written by Maureen Morgan


Ujamaa Christian Poetry