Ujamaa Christian Poetry


God knew you when you were in your mother's womb
You are fearfully made.
You're specially created, so don't feel deflated.
You're not defeated.
Don't blame others by the way you've been mistreated.
You can be treated with respect.
You are a man, who should live by faith in God,
And not by what you see.

You are a man who should follow after God's heart
Search your heart and make a new start.
The experiences you've had should not make you sad.
You're not bad, so rejoice and be glad.
You've been knocked down but not knocked out.
You should live life without a doubt.
You are here for a purpose.

You are a man of vision
A man of greatness
A man of wisdom
A man of clear direction
A man of stature
A man of truth
A man of good character
A man of good repute
A man of his word
A man of integrity
A man of honour
A man of valour

You are a man who is the head of his home
A man with order in his life.
A man who understands instruction
A man who loves his family
A man of ambition with no inhibitions
The man you are is a MAN OF SUCCESS.
Don't you know that you are BLESSED.

Written by Maureen Morgan


Ujamaa Christian Poetry