Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Surrender to Your Grace

Dear Lord I surrender
to you with all my heart,
to your Divine splendor,
to the grace you impart.
I surrender to be free.

To you with all my heart;
I give all I have to Thee.
When from the way I part,
please Lord redirect me.
Salvation rests at your feet.

To your Divine splendor,
I pledge eternally my love
forever, Eternal Defender.
My dear God reigns above
casting His light upon all.

To the grace you impart,
I give my everlasting thanks,
never wishing to depart
from your cooling river's banks,
adorned with blessings.

I surrender to be free;
your will my command.
No more struggle I decree,
when I took the Lord's hand,
I found His true freedom.

Written by Lou Marin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry