Ujamaa Christian Poetry


It seems such a small number; three,
but I think of them and start to hum,
not knowing all the words to, 'Nearer Thee."
They bring salvation to the king and lowly bum.

The Father, Son, and Spirit, stand strong,
desiring to save the whole world,
and take them in love and caring along,
lest into the fiery depths they be hurled

It seems such a small number, three,
when worldliness and temptation creep in,
but I know that they are looking over me
and vow to protect me from hell and sin.

The Father, Son, and Spirit stand strong,
despite the devil handing out temptation.
The darkness and evil offers sin on and on,
but my family and I pray and choose salvation!

Written by Lou Marin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry