Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Awake In Christ

While lying awake in my bed,
Just getting up from my knees,
I realized I had to pray again,
Saying to the FATHER, please?

Take away the hatred,
That consumes the world today,
The pain and suffering,
So many have to face.

Give charge to the righteous,
To overtake the unjust,
Every day I awaken,
There seems to be so much.

Put determination in the minds,
Of those whom alcohol and drugs they misuse,
Put sincerity in the hearts of the ones,
Where women and children are abused.

People getting flu shots,
With water in the vial,
Why do so many,
Choose to walk the crooked mile?

Rather than work,
Many choose to steal,
Feeling it's easier to take from others,
Than have a job for real.

Yes I am wide-awake,
And I don't like what I see,
I'll be gland when night falls,
To pray and go to sleep.

Because I have the kingdom within,
Tomorrow when I awake before my day begins,
I'll start with a prayer just like the night before,
The troubles of the world won't matter anymore.

Trust in GOD to champion the plight,
Making sure you continue to act right,
Keep in mind we're always awake in Christ,
Even when you're asleep at night,

Written by Luke Easter


Ujamaa Christian Poetry