Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Have you ever had an appraisal?
For a re-finance or a new buy?
And though there's a rule of thumb,
Sometimes different standards apply.

The single most important thing in real estate,
Is always where the property resides,
In the case of the kingdom of heaven,
The parcel of land is located inside.

You can have the house repainted,
Put color coded aluminum on the side,
Buy the finest furniture available,
Even re-pave with premium asphalt the drive.

New block windows with central air,
Add a Rembrandt or Picasso in there,
Plush carpet so thick you could lose your keys,
And butlers to say "have a seat in the library please".

A maid to clean and a chef to cook,
A limo driver so in transit you don't have to look,
A landscaper to trim the bushes and cut the grass,
A secretary to inform others tonight you'll pass.

A gardener to prune, water and plant the flowers,
Rubbed down by a masseuse after being awake for hours,
Flown to vacation spots on a private jet,
Your own elevator to the penthouse, what the heck.

Never have money problems financially you're set,
Because you are the one who signs the checks,
People are always calling you for advice,
My oh my aren't you living the life.

Yet all of this adds up to exactly zero,
Even when people look upon you as a hero,
At the end of the world and on that final day,
It only matters when God gives your praise.

Fix up your condo or make pretty your house,
Set a trap in the kitchen to catch that one pesky mouse,
The U.S.D.A. can stamp you with their approved label,
But only in the name of Jesus can you pass God's appraisal.

Written by Luke Easter


Ujamaa Christian Poetry