Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Apostle Paul Says It All

There are so many works in the bible,
Each book has a story to tell,
Whether it's Psalm's, Daniel, or whatever,
They are all written very well.

I am more partial to the Apostle Paul,
Not just for the many books he writes,
But in each and every single chapter,
Paul puts a new perspective on life.

Since there are so many where do I begin?
How about Galatians chapter one verse ten,
Strive and seek to please God first,
Before you even attempt to satisfy men.

For man's law is always changing,
Where God's will forever be the same,
The Ten Commandments are still The Ten Commandments,
You'll never know what mans teaching will bring.

What was legal yesterday is a crime today,
Being put in jail last year while now you walk away,
Women couldn't serve as pastors,
And it's OK for a priest to be gay?

We tend to forget that God sits on the throne alone,
When has He ever sought counsel from man?
To justify not following the word of God,
The world attempts to do all that it can.

To create contempt through chaos and confusion,
Trying to disrupt and derail most if not all,
The majority of the rich doesn't help but stifle the poor,
This is not the teaching of Paul.

A bondservant of Christ the Messiah,
The Lord did choose to anoint,
To spread the message of the gospel,
No longer to get across his own point.

Paul use to scorn and crucify,
Any who accepted the teaching of Christ,
But through unmerited favor and grace,
God changed and spared his life.

Paul has been on both sides of the fence,
That's why his words ring so true,
The Lord allowed him to experience wrong & right,
So the message can clearly come through.

Remember he suffered more from doing right,
Than he ever did when practicing wrong,
And still from the entire calamity,
He chooses to praise the Lord in song.

Now is the time to stop and ask you?
Whom will you choose first to please?
Man who can only elevate for a few short years?
A God who can forever put you on your knees?

Why do so many still choose the man?
And his forever changing laws?
In thirteen written books of the bible,
Apostle Paul says it all.

Written by Luke Easter


Ujamaa Christian Poetry