Ujamaa Christian Poetry

"Peace On Stormy Seas"

I sailed upon a tranquil sea
Where all was peace and calm;
I felt my life serene and blessed,
I knew not storm or qualm.

Then clouds of doubt began to form,
The wind did stir and blow;
My tranquil sea did heave and toss,
I felt my anguish grow.

I cried, "Dear Lord, are you out there?
You see my ship storm-tossed?
Why do you leave me here alone?
I fear I may be lost."

God smiled and spoke these simple words,
"Peace my child, just be still;
I'm the God of the raging sea,
The waves obey my will."

Hook your anchor onto "The Rock"
That holds your vessel sure.
No evil can alarm you child,
I'll keep your life secure.

No harm will touch you if you trust
And place your faith in me;
Your storm-tossed ship will once again
Sail on a tranquil sea.

So do not fear the storms of life
That oft assail your soul;
I am the Master of the Sea,
I'm always in control.

The storms will surely strengthen you
When on rough seas you sail,
For you will know the victory
That comes when you prevail.

Written by Linda J. Stevenson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry