Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Treasures in the Night

Hidden blessings awaited me,
My heart did crave to find,
Not treasures held in human hands,
These were a special kind.

I searched when sun was high and bright,
But they eluded me;
I climbed up to the mountaintop,
Searched down in low valley.

But as the sun was sinking low,
With darkness drawing nigh,
I felt my heart sink in despair
And I began to sigh..

What could I find as darkness fell?
'Twas difficult to see;
But God said, "Lift your eyes, My child,
Take My hand ~ walk with Me."

The blackened sky up overhead
Was oh so clear and bright,
And there God revealed His treasures
In absence of the light.

Diamonds bejeweled the velvet sky
Concealed by bright sunlight;
God said, "These are special blessings
Revealed in dark of night."

"Faith sparkles brightest when all light
Is dimmed from human eye ~
When your heart is filled with questions
Of Who? What? When? and Why?"

"There are jewels in the darkness
For those who walk with Me;
Faith's rich treasures," said the Father
"That'll last eternally."

"I will give you the treasure of darkness and hidden wealth of secret places, so that you may know
that it is I, the LORD, the God of Israel, who calls you by name (" Is. 45:3).

Written by Linda J. Stevenson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry