Ujamaa Christian Poetry

No Pain, No Pearl

"Tell me, why does it hurt so?" the little oyster cried ~
"The grain of sand imbedded so painfully inside?"
His mother said, "My little one, one day you'll understand."
"It's all a part of God's designed all-wise and loving plan."

"Take a look inside, my son ~ tell me, what do you see?"
The little oyster stepped close by and peered inquisitively.
There imbedded inside her heart appeared a shiny pearl;
Right before his very eyes he glimpsed a miracle.

"Oh, Mother, it's so beautiful," he said with eyes so bright.
"What is this I've never seen? It's such a glorious sight!"
She said, "My son, 'twas once like yours--a tiny grain of sand
That irritated and hurt me so; I didn't understand."

"But if I'd never had the pain, I'd never have the pearl,
I accepted this with grace and watched God's plan unfurl.
I learned that God could take our pain and turn it into pleasure--
That He ordained to transform grief into a glorious treasure."

"So gladly bear your grain of sand as part of our God's plan,
For He will work it for your good as only the Lord can.
One day," she said, "you'll look inside to find a heav'nly treasure~
A glorious pearl inside your heart of beauty without measure."

Written by Linda J. Stevenson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry