Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Press On!

The mountain loomed before me,
Its cloud-covered peak obscure,
Although I dreamed of reaching top,
I felt so insecure.
How could I in my puny strength
Think I could reach the crown
When I had only walked the paths
That kept my feet earthbound.

Some days God led by bright sunlight,
Others through dark of night,
Reminding me that I must walk
By faith and not by sight.
Though faced by beasts of the forest
And thorny paths uphill,
God renewed my strength and courage,
My journey to fulfill.

At times I thought, "I'll just give up,
I'm tired and can't go on."
But then I heard God softly speak,
"Press on, my child, press on.
Just one more turn around the bend
Will lead you to the top,
So don't quit now, keep pressing on.
Don't quit, no, don't you stop!"

"Press on, hold fast and persevere,
Don't think of giving in,
For soon you'll reach the mountaintop,
Your victory to win.
Press on, don't quit, and you will see
What faith in God will do.
Imagine all the dreams fulfilled,
What I will do through you."

Written by Linda J. Stevenson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry