Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Love's Embrace

Amazing Love embraces me,
No human words define,
Enfolded in the arms of Grace
As heart to heart entwine.

I drink from Love's sweet reservoir,
I bathe in Mercy's pool,
I surface cleansed from stains of guilt,
From depths immeasur'ble.

Amazing Grace! 'Tis sweet to taste,
Love's hunger satisfies;
No human joy can e'er replace
Nor calm the soul's heart cries.

This love holds fast with clutching grasp,
Encircles to secure,
To bind me in this life below
With cords that will endure.

It is God's Love and God's alone,
Man's love cannot compete,
My heart content with joy instilled,
My life is made complete.

Written by Linda J. Stevenson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry