Ujamaa Christian Poetry


The blood of God the Son was shed
On Calvary's cruel tree;
His form was marred beyond belief
For all the world to see;

He was mocked by wicked men,
In utmost degradation,
Who rejected, slandered, conspired and lied
To malign his reputation.

A crown of thorns caused blood to course
In streams upon his face
And mingled with the sweat and tears
Shed for depraved human race.

His flesh was torn and mangled
in furrowed bloody strips;
His visage robbed of human form
by barbaric torturous whips.

He could have summoned all heavens power
To put the travesty to an end;
Exhault Him on His rightful throne,
leaving mankind dead in sin.

But as the Lamb He bore the sin
of all the souls of man
To satisfy the Holiness of the Father
in His eternal plan.

He saw the travail of His soul
And He was satisfied
with His redemption of mankind,
As on the cross He died.

But in three days from borrowed grave
He rose in victory;
For He met the foe at home in Hell
And dispossessed him of his key.

He overcame Satan, death and the grave
to reconcile God and man;
For He alone was worthy,
Son of God and son of man.

Written by Joyce Guy


Ujamaa Christian Poetry