Ujamaa Christian Poetry


We expose our inner person
by the action that we do;
which actions speak to all the world
of the deep down basic "you".

We are afraid that others
will observe our life and feel
that we are in the making,
still, on the potter's wheel.

We like to portray the vessel
as finished, fired and whole;
completed in one simple step
of faith so sure and bold.

But we confess by our behavior
what we sought to hide
by the generous coat of whitewash
applied to our life in pride.

When we let our guard down,
and show through the coat of paint
our life speaks more of "sinner"
and quite a bit less of "saint".

God's plan revealed in scripture
shows he molds us o'er and o'er
through a lifelong process,
'til we reach that golden shore.

When we cover our humanity
in our struggle to follow our Lord
we place a stumbling block before
those newborns feeding on the Word.

They see our life presented
as the best of the human race
but they see us by our actions
parked in the handicapped parking-space.

Written by Joyce Guy


Ujamaa Christian Poetry