Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Ruins of Haghland Abbey

Blind as I am
To me it were a slander
To lie about my brother

But you are ungrounded in grace; you cannot know peace;
Your deeds prove you reckless; your devotion is withdrawn;
You have chased away charity and the rule of religion;
All spirituality and holiness are laid low;
And my holy church is brought to confusion
Because you have suspended God's life.

For this you should be ashamed.

Brother, fearlessly you have wounded the sun.
Now, masterless, shame and confusion
You shall have as a reward.

But who may keep himself uncut by a keen knife
If he boldly touches the blade?

You will hear this much kindly: it is as true as any stone
That you may lose your living and your labour,
And stand in great dread for default of light.

It is not unknown.

Behold, sir, my bells, my books
Continually school you
To put away this folly.

Still you continue to dance, to harp and to rage
Like one who is lewd and does not understand his own language.

That I have touched on truth you will admit,
And that sadly and without flattery.
Yet you may learn even from a fool
If you will but take heed.

Written by John Ballam


Ujamaa Christian Poetry