Ujamaa Christian Poetry


( Dedicated to my sons. )

The face of an angel is your disguise
But there's worry in your angel eyes.
Like a well, your cares run deep.
What do you dream of when you sleep?

Feelings conflict when I watch you -
And I long for who you'll become.
But my heart is mourning the little you
When I was your only one.

Little boy blue in grown up clothes
Deciding who you'll be.
Watching you create yourself
For me is bittersweet.

You're still the child you used to be.
But I see you're more than that.
I have learned you're one of three
Forward, now and back.

I never thought I'd walk behind -
Or that you'd want me to.
I always believed you're what I'd find
When I reached out to you.

My heart grieves at morning light
When you declare autonomy.
That you'd be mine for such a short time
Was something I'd never believe.

My job now is the hardest one
To give you room to grow.
And to be so thankful to God above
Who let me love you so.

Written by Jody Gomez


Ujamaa Christian Poetry