Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Solid Ground

Driven hard before the wind,
The sea waves crash around.
The unrelenting storms assail;
I rest on solid ground.

The lightning fills the sky above;
The thunder's ominous sound;
The rain and hail devouring;
I rest on solid ground.

The tremors of the earth beneath,
May make my path unsound.
But I am safe, unshaken,
I rest on solid ground.

I rest upon the promise,
Of Christ my living King;
That He will be there with me,
Whatever life's storms bring.

I rest in full assurance
That God is in control.
My bark is often battered,
But God protects the soul.

So though the raging storms assail,
Wherever they are found.
I need not fear the outcome,
For I rest on solid ground.

Written by Jerry Hoffman


Ujamaa Christian Poetry