Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Listen Closely

Listen closely, can you hear them?
Stains of music, faint but clear?
Perfect pitch majestic tempo,
Choral voices drawing near.

Songs of glory and of honor,
To the One who's gone before.
He who tore sin's chains asunder,
Flinging wide salvation's door.

Listen closely, can you hear them?
Whisper of a million wings,
Angels hovering, keeping cadence,
To the harp's melodious strings.

"Worthy, worthy, You are worthy,"
Sings the choir to the Lamb,
"Perfect Son we kneel before you,
For you are the great I AM!"

"When you speak, creation's bounty,
Fills the endless void of space.
All must kneel in praise before you,
None can stand before your face!"

Listen closely, can you hear them?
Trumpets calling forth the day,
When creation's work is finished.
Sin's sad sorrow cast away.

Written by Jerry Hoffman


Ujamaa Christian Poetry