Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Kingdom of Grace

Like the sands along the sea,
So shall your descendents be.
Was the vow to Abraham,
Made by God, the great "I Am."

Not by fleshly sinew known,
But by Spirit's birth alone,
Seed of Christ, through mercy born,
Each in righteous faith adorned.

These, from every nations shore,
Will their Savior's face adore.
Blessed Abrahamic seed,
All, their master's will, will heed.

One by one, these grains of sand,
Chosen from a desolate land,
Will be changed to seeds of grace,
Form a holy, living race.

Springing up where they are sown,
They will make salvation known.
'Til all men, in every place,
See the fullness of God's grace.

Written by Jerry Hoffman


Ujamaa Christian Poetry