Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Questions, questions, so many questions.
Some are silly, some are deep.
Will I always have so many ?
Will they always make me weep?
Will they be answered?
Some…. Some not.
I want to know, to understand.
I want to learn, to grow
to live, laugh, love.
But, oh, the questions!
I may never know all the answers,
I may never truly understand…
The mysteries of Heaven…
The ways of our Lord…
The ways of man.
Does it matter?
I think not!
For what matters most
is that I know Jesus
yes, Jesus,
the son of the living God,
the son of man.
He's the answer to all my questions.
He's the answer to all my hopes, my fears,
my dreams, my tears.
His name will soothe a tortured soul
and calm a roaring sea.
His name will bring peace to you
and all humanity,
for those who lack the sight to see
where they will spend eternity.
Ahh, yes… Silly me.
My answers are in He,
the great I AM,
the prince of peace.
I bow down before you…
for you are my God,
you are my King,
for you Lord are my
Forgive my doubt when I can't see
that you are sovereign, in control
and not me.
You are the Way, the Truth, the Life,
the Beginning and the End.
So when questions arise
in my mind again
I will give them to Thee
and fret not.
For when my life here on earth
is at its end
so will my questions be…
For then
I will be with you Lord,
my friend,
living in eternity.
Then and only then will
all my questions

Alleluia and Amen!

Written by Rhonda Hodge


Ujamaa Christian Poetry