Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Pulse of God

A beat of majesty
beauty and love;
strong and full
of wonder.
Oh to feel the pulse of God
within one's spirit, heart and soul.
My Lord, I long for this beat,
the beat of life, mercy and love.
I desire this more than anything,
so I will seek it with all of my heart.
And as I feel it, Lord
and it becomes a strong rhythm in my life,
our oneness will be complete.
I will live as a child of God
always dependant and connected to Thee.
There can be no greater life than this!
~The pulse beat of God~
Yes, this is what I desire,
this is how I'll live,
this is how I'll love,
this is my heart's desire.
And as I live out my days
until the end
I will carry your beat
into your glorious kingdom,
where there will be singing
and much joy.
There your beat within my heart
will be so strong yet, light
as a feather,
as it lingers on the songs
of my praise.
And there it will stay
in your presence forever!

Oh the wondrous pulse of God!

Written by Rhonda Hodge


Ujamaa Christian Poetry