Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Give Me Jesus--2004

Dear friends, the calander says
It is the year 2004.
With love in our hearts who could
Ask for anything more?
        He will never leave us.
        GIVE ME JESUS!!

This year I am giong to spend more
time with my Family.
For time goes by quickly and we are
in the 21st century.
       He Loves us.
       GIVE ME JESUS!!

I am going to commune with God
more this year than last.
I want to do better, much better
than my up and down past.
       He lives in us.
       GIVE ME JESUS!!

I will pray for others also, that is
a way of giving God's love.
And I want to give all I possibly
can to those that I can think of.
       He Prays for us.
       GIVE ME JESUS!!

Thank You Dear God for all
that You have given and done.
Thank You O' God for your
Divine loving Son.
        He saves all of us.
        GIVE ME JESUS!!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry