Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Child Of Hope

To the entire world a Child of Great
Hope has been born.
No longer will we have to face the
Evil One's temptations alone!

His name is Jesus, the Prince of Peace
and our ever-lasting Lord.
He is wonderful and through out the
ages He has been adored.

His righteousness and love shall over,
everything there is, extend.
And on judgement day we will be under
His reign which has no end!

Oh! Dear Jesus, with the Holy Spirit
and God the Father we are one!
Bring us to You - we pray this Christmas
Day. Thy will be done!

We praize You in our hearts and sing
stanzas to Your name and proclaim!
What a mighty miracle You are--our
Love for You, Jesus, will remain.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry