Ujamaa Christian Poetry

An Empty Manger

If you have an empty manger in your life--
Jesus must not be within your heart!
If your manger has no Savior in it then
you and Jesus' salvation are far, far apart!

So, why give gifts to others at Christmas-
they will all go for naught.
But if you give the love of Jesus, you have
given the greatest gift mankind has got!

For God made sure that His Son would be born
for everyone - no matter the place or century.
Baby Jesus came to us in a full Manger of love
to fill our hearts with great love a plenty!

Let us keep the Baby Jesus in us in every
thought, word and of course deed.
He is the One who gave up His life for
countless millions of us in dire need.

My friends, if you don't know what Christmas
is about - you must seek God and find out.
Because an empty manger in you is not at all
what our Savior's Birthday is about.

So, please I ask you this Christmas do not
continue to have an empty manger.
Because our Lord and Savior to you will
remain a complete STRANGER!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry