Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Jesus Is Everywhere

Dear friends, this Christmas I share with you
what God has generously given to me.
I share with you His Words of hope and love,
words which inspire and it is absolutely free.

God has desired that I tell you to
celebrate His Son's Birth with your love.
God wants me to tell you that there
is a Heavenly Home waiting for you above.

God is telling me now for you to count your
blessings on this Christmas Day of celebration.
Count your blessings and be most humble and
gracious with them for every occasion.

God urges me to write that Jesus is your every
day gift and you need nothing more.
Yes, God wants you to know that you are saved
when to Jesus you open your heart's door.

Now, have a blessed Christmas and keep Jesus
the number one gift that you can in common share.
Be most happy and content my friends, for God
has given you Jesus and He is everywhere!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry