Ujamaa Christian Poetry

It Is The Christmas Season!

This is the Christmas Season time of the
year for everyone to enjoy and give of themselves.
But some of us don't get around to doing that-
their love for Jesus no longer dwells!

Wake Up! You who have been asleep in the
Spirit and praize Jesus born to save you!!
Wake up! It is Christmas! Get Jesus' love
back in your heart--oh, please do!

For God has given you the greatest Gift that
surpasses any other Gift on the Earth!
Yes, it is Jesus! The one who came and was
Ordained to be our Savior at birth!!

Come alive!! I write, Come alive!! Open your
heart to Jesus' unfailing care and Great Love!
Then This holiday season will be a loving one
and all Glory to the One Jesus above!

Remember, it is not too late to get into the real
Spirit and meaning of this Chriastmas Day!
Be most thankful! Be humble! Be excited and
Praize Jesus!! Then this Christmas you have
found your way!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry