Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Thank God For Jesus

O Come Dearest Savior born in the dark of the night.
O Come Dearest Lord make us all children of the light!
Bring us Dearest Savior into your Heavenly Realm Divine.
Praize the Infant Jesus for love on Earth now does shine.

Now beautiful songs to you Jesus we do offer up to raise.
We shout out Hallelujah this Christmas with mighty praize.
Only in You, Dear Savior so pure, is our love for You won!
Yes, Praize Him all you Christians for what Jesus has done!

We thank you merciful God for this blessed time, this Day.
We celebrate Your only Son's Birth as we follow His Way,
and never more will we have the need to run or to wander.
Never again will we be lost in a world or our lives squander.

Yes, God You sent Jesus to face all Earthly woe's and sadness.
Dear Jesus, in Your Glory, we are overcome with gladness.
And now Jesus You wear a crown of love with full measure.
We praize You Savior--You are the Christ, Heaven's treasure!

Let all Christians thank God and be of good cheer about His Son!
For we celebrate today with great love and pride--God's will done!
Dear Jesus, we desire to draw much closer, closer to only You!
So, come together all you Christians and be sure that is what you do!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry