Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Can't Give Up With My Depression

My dear friend, there are times, I confess, that I feel
that I just cannot keep going on
I feel as though I would be much better off if God
would go ahead-- call me and I would be gone.

Depresson has always been a part of my life and
it never ever seems to go away or quit.
I take my pills and I pray tomorrow will be better
it seldom is and another hard day I get.

I don't want to think about my condition and I
try very hard to let it for once in my life-- to let it go.
But, I still have my figthing, God given Spirit and it
is the only thing that keeps going-that you should know!

I cannot give up and I cannot give in--I must keep
my spirit fed with the Word and it will be alive and well.
When I do God is a bigger part of my life and that is
good, very good I am blessed to tell.

If you want some advice from someone who has
been turned inside out and upside down by depression.
I write to you-- keep the faith, take one day at a time,
pray always to God and that is my true confession!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry