Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God Gives Hope

Can you live a life that has no problems
or troubles? The answer is nope!
Is there anything you can have to help
you? The answer is hope!

Hope is one of God's wonderful blesssings
along with faith, love and peace of mind.
Praise the Lord, that in all situations He is
there and is not hard to find.

We are human and don't always do as we
should and God is very much aware.
But we must keep on trying because we have
hope that we are always in God's care.

Don't be afraid of this world or Satan will come
quickly and start to take your hope away.
Don't let that happen, hold steadfast to God and
pour your heart out to Him as you pray.

He will deliver you from any peril that you may
get yourself in--God is forever on the call!
Even during your darkest hours when you are
the weakest--God will not let you fall!

Can you live your life with no problems, sorrows
or pain? The answer is nope!
So I write--praise God for giving us his undying
love, faith and hope!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry