Ujamaa Christian Poetry

May We Come Together!

My Dear Christian friends and Non-Christian
friends--- It is Thanksgiving time!
I pray that all of you will have the love of
Our Savior Jesus that is so easy to find.

May we all come together as one in the The
Holy Spirit and share in His love and grace.
Also, may we help and pray for those who
are in need - reguardless of their place.

When there are tasks to do--may we do them with
a smile on our face and do what needs to be done!
Wherever there is a lost person may we be able to
embrace them in Jesus' love and salvation is won!

Our most Gracious Lord has given us many talents
and we are to use them all we can in every way.
That means doing for others, even if it is just to
tell them to have a really good blessed day!

Yes, may we come together and share our God
given love to help non-christians and include
them in our way of living.
So, I write to all of you---love each other and
have a blessed sharing Day Of Thanksgiving!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry