Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Let There Be Silence

Let there be stone cold silence infront of
God as we kneel down and worship Him!
Or let there be shouting and praizing all
of this Thanksgiving again and again!

Let there be no out-wardly gestures as we are
in church during this service please.
Or let your arms rise up to the ceiling and
get up off of your numb, gone-to-sleep knees!

Also, let not one child be allowed in the grown-
up service this Thanksgiving morn.
Or bring them into the center aisles and let them
hear all about Jesus' love and being reborn.

Let there be silence and let no one shout out
to the Lord because during the holidays that is
not being reverent!
Or let every one in the church know that their
salvation this Thanksgiving was heaven sent!!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry