Ujamaa Christian Poetry

No Pain--No Gain

I'm sure you have heard the saying "No pain-
No gain." well that is the way it is alot of the time.
We all face trials and problems but how we deal
with them should be foremost in our mind.

If we "sorta" have faith in The Lord we are very
close to being lost to His eternity!
We need to strengthen our faith, and no pain-no
gain is what we will only sometimes see!

It is worth it though- to go against what the
world wants you to do even if it is very attractive.
We are to follow The Lord and stay away from
temptations - but it can be at times a hard way to live!

No one ever said life on Earth is easy and that you
will not have problems or suffer many kinds of pain!
Remember only Jesus suffered for us all, He suffered
for every sin ever done, "No Pain-No Gain!"

Jesus went to the cross first so that we in the faith
would not have to go and ever suffer there!
When we face pain, The Lord's Love will prevail
in us and then Glory in Heaven we will share!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry