Ujamaa Christian Poetry

We Are In Good Hands

We are all in good hands when we believe Jesus
is our Good Shepard, The Way and The Light!
He protects us and cares for us-- He turns our
lives around so we can do what is right!

You can go it alone if you desire, but no peace
or salvation will you ever come across and find.
If you do not stay in the Lord's hands you will
suffer-heart , soul, and mind!

That is no way to live going helter--skelter and
to and fro as the restless stormy wind!
You will be carried far away from the Lord's hands
and you will break, not bend!

Those who stay in The Good Hands of The Lord can
snap back from any peril or any circumstance!
The Lord's Plan for us stays the same, He is with
us and we never have to take a risk or a chance!

Praize His Holy name and snuggle up in the palms of
His never ending, unfailing hands of Love!
The Lord will show you His Light and you will go
into it one day because it is The Lord you think of!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry