Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Escape The Bonds Of Hell

Praize The Lord, for He allows us to escape
the bonds of eternal and infernal Hell!
He went in our place and saved us all
I am so blessed to tell!

Don't ever forget that Jesus defeated Satan
and his sting of wretched death!
Don't forget that Jesus gives us salvation
when we take our last breath!

This world is not as bad as it looks if you
keep the Lord Almighty in your heart!
You will face problems but you won't be alone
at the end of the day or at the start!

How precious the Lord's love is , How perfect
it is- He made the bonds of Hell disappear!
So, My Dear Friends, take heart in all things
and have no fear!

Be bold in the Lord and stand up, praize His name
all of the time and make sure you rejoice!
Then you will stay in His Love--that means in life
and in death, you made the right choice!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry