Ujamaa Christian Poetry

We All Need - Needful Things

We all need, needful things especially
the love that The Lord brings!
When we have the Lord in us the multitude
of angels and all creation sings.

There are a lot of us who have things we don't
really need but we hold on to them tight!
And we should always make sure to thank The
Lord for them and stay in his saving Light!

When we have the Lord's Love in our hearts
that is all we really need at the end of the day.
Nothing else in the final analysis matters so, while
you are alive sow many faith seeds on your way!

The Lord will continue to bless you and you
can get even more things each day if needed!
That is how it is with The Lord, He sees to it
and works out many things that need seeded.

Needful things, needful things, that is all we
need to make us happy inside!
Thank The Lord! Praize The Lord! and let Him
be your Master and let him be your needful pride!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry