Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Couldn't Pay For My Sins

Dear Lord, I look out for me, number one,
I would say most of the time!
If You wrote tickets for sins, I wouldnt
have enough faith to pay mine!!

But, I still pray to You and only You
everytime that I stumble and fall!
Because at times I get too upset about
things and it is You-- I forget to call!

My life needs a lot of the Holy Spirit in
it because I do have a very hard-head.
And many times I don't do the things
like I should do--- like You said!

I am a real basket case as I said; then
I get going my own way - to and fro.
Have mercy on me Lord, help me to
find Your path as each day I go!

If I had to pay for my sins in this world
full of every kind of temptation - I could not.
I would be broke before I started and then
the dark road to hell I would have bought!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry